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Grinding Capacity
Minimum 1.5 mm
Maximum 75 mm
Grinding Wheel Diameter
Width 350 mm
Bore 100 mm
Grinding Wheel Speed 125 mm
Regulating Wheel
Min. Diameter 1800 RPM
Max. Diameter 2000 RPM
Width 225 mm
Bore 100 mm
Regulating Wheel Speed 75 mm
Power Requirements Grinding Wheel Motor
Minimum 50 RPM
Medium 75RPM
Maximum 100 RPM
Regulating Wheel Motor 5.5/75 KW/1 HP
Coolant Pump Motor 0.55/0.75 KW/1 HP
  0.07/0.1 KW/HP
Dimensions and Weight
Lenght 1620 mm
Width 1070 mm
Height 1500 mm
Net Weight Approx. 1500 kg.
One grinding wheel
One regulating wheel
Two truing devices coolant pump with tank
Grinding wheel puller
Grinding wheel pulley puller
Grinding wheel and regulating wheel nut spanner.
Workrest blade for through grinding
Splash guards
Allen keys and spenners set.
Electrical controls suitable for 3 phase, 415 volts, 50 Hz, AC supply
Wheel balancing stand with arbour
Additional wheel flange
Special workrest blades
Machine lamp
Auto lubrication for slides
Star-delta motor starter
Magnetic coolent saparator with electricals
Illustrations and Specifications are not binding in details and are subject to modification and improve ment without notice

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